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Vegas Showdown
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Date Played: Mar 23, 2013


Fun impromptu game of Vegas Showdown during a nasty spring snow when Doug wanted a driving adventure.

Doug almost came from behind and smoked me (Lucas), but I managed to pull out the victory with all my corners from fancy lounges and the theater.

It was Kelley's first time playing and her Hotel and Casino looked like a 2d version of the Imperial Palace. :) Jessie was one lounge away from completely filling up ALL of her spaces.

Playing Time: 90 minutes

Combined rating of all players.

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Players & Results:  Lucas Howell Wins!

Name Score Winner
Lucas Howell
Rated this play: 4 Stars
1st time playing - well done!
Doug X
1st time playing
Kelley Israel
Jessie Israel
Entered by: Lucas Howell