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Sentinels of the Multiverse
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Date Played: Mar 21, 2013


La Capitan (the time traveling pirate) smoked us! She kept calling out her entire crew and hammering at our equipment and ongoing cards before we could get anything going. We probably needed a more balanced approach, as most of our characters were dependent on building up equipment before they could do meaningful damage.

Lucas - Wraith
Dylan - Absolute Zero
Garrett - Expatriate
Luke - Omnitron X
Doug - Fanatic

Highlight of the game was probably when Fanatic dropped the End of Days card and destroyed her entire crew and all of our cards. Then she shuffled her deck and pulled her crew right back up! Including a relic that wasn't phased by the End of Days.

Luke's character had the ignominious honor of getting killed first (a victim of the highest hp player attack => falls to lowest hp => then a different crew member attacks the lowest hp player, finishing him off. Ouch.). The rest of the team capitulated shortly thereafter when La Capitan reformed her crew after the EoD. Good times.

Playing Time: 60 minutes

Combined rating of all players.

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Players & Results:  Everybody Lost!

Name Winner
Luke D
dylan carrington
1st time playing
Garrett Gradisar
1st time playing
Lucas Howell
Rated this play: 3 Stars
1st time playing
Doug X
1st time playing
Entered by: Lucas Howell