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Flash Point: Fire Rescue
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Date Played: Jun 27, 2013


Basic Map - Heroic Difficulty

We won! Focused on a sprint strategy to just get people out of the building as fast as possible and minimize rolls. Seemed to work pretty well.

9 Saved! 1 Died!

Rescue Sp. - Lucas
Fire Capt. - Chad
Driver - Dylan (Sniper)
Imaging // Generalist - Doug
Paramedic - Bill

Playing Time: 75 minutes

Combined rating of all players.

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Players & Results:  Everybody Won!

Name Winner
dylan carrington
2nd time playing
Lucas Howell
Rated this play: 5 Stars
2nd time playing
Chad Weisshaar
2nd time playing
Doug X
2nd time playing
Entered by: Lucas Howell